Inside LA’s Ballotplex Inside the country's largest Vote By Mail operation.

Ballots cast by mail in Los Angeles County undergo a six stage validation process prior to being counted on election night. Step four is “ballot extraction” — mail ballot envelopes with valid signatures are sliced open so that workers can extract the enclosed ballot and ensure that it complies with marking instructions.

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[stag_dropcap font_size=”70px” style=”normal”]I[/stag_dropcap]nside a warehouse in Ponoma, California, the country’s largest vote by mail processing operation is hard at work. Setup by Los Angeles Country to handle mail ballots sent this year to all of its 5.6 million registered voters, the operation employs hundreds of workers who work around the clock receiving ballots (from the Postal Service as well as from official ballot drop boxes) and, in a race against time, prepare them for tallying on election night.

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