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You can pretty much count on a photowalk whenever Trey Ratcliff comes to town.

The other week, Trey teamed up with Thomas Hawk for a photowalk in San Francisco to help promote Google Glass (perhaps the most coveted gadget in the world right now). Attendees of the walk got the chance to try out Glass first hand and even enter a raffle to win a pair of their own. Between Trey, Thomas, and Glass, this photowalk drew the highest attendance ever seen. According to the group photo that I shot at the beginning of the walk, there were 406 photographers present – setting a new world record for photowalk attendance.

photowalk._DSC2732.web by Peter Adams.
Over 406 photographers joined Thomas Hawk and Trey Ratcliff for a photowalk and chance to win a pair of Google Glass. The photowalk set a new world record in attendance.

These walks are always a good time and a great chance to meet people in real life that you only know by their posts on Facebook or Google+.  I went to my first photowalk two years ago after the first release of Google+ and volunteered to document the event by<a title=”Stanford &amp; San Francisco Photo Walks” href=”″> herding 183 photographers into a group photo</a>. People liked that photo and I’ve been herding cats ever since.

A Roll Of The Dice by Peter Adams.
Trey Ratcliff and Thomas Hawk prepare to roll the dice to choose which of the six semi-finalizes would win a pair of Google Glass.

Over a dozen photowalks later, they are now also a chance for me to catchup with old friends. However, at the rate these walks are growing, I’m going to have to start shooting these group photos with a fisheye lens.

photowalk._DSC2923.web by Peter Adams Photography.

photowalk._DSC3677.web by Peter Adams Photography.

photowalk._DSC3684.web by Peter Adams Photography.

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