Back from the dead in Death Valley

Clouds rising in Death Valley National Park.

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I just returned from a trip to photograph Death Valley – which is definitely one of my new favorite national parks. Got up at the crack of dawn thinking that I’d only last a few hours as temperatures this time of year can get as high as 110 degrees. Lucky for us, it was an unseasonably cool day (never got above 90 degrees) so we spent the entire day exploring the park. Even so, there was only time to visit about half the sites on my list.

Death Valley

This is such a unique park. Parts of it look and feel like another world – probably why George Lucas filmed the Tatooine scenes from Star Wars here. (I swear I saw some droid tracks on those sand dunes.)

Clouds rising in Death Valley National Park.
Clouds rising in Death Valley National Park.

This was also my first big trip shooting the Phase One P40+ digital back. The clarity and tonal range in the 40 mega-pixel images that it produces are amazing. The last time I felt this way about image quality was back when I shot 6×7 slide film. Can’t wait to print some big images.

I’ve added a new Death Valley Gallery full of images from the trip. Enjoy.

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